Hospital Appointments

Posted by: Flora - Posted on:

We are getting lots of enquiries and requests to chase up hospital appointments on behalf of you all. With many of these requests being put through to our GPs. If you are concerned about your hospital appointments (not heard anything, cancelled and not rescheduled etc), then please do not ask to speak to the GP. All the GP will do is ask our medical secretaries to resolve. So if you are having problems with the hospital with your appointments:

  • Contact the hospital in the first instance
  • If having contacted the hospital you have not resolved your problem, contact the hospitals patient and liaison services (PALS) and ask them to help you
  • Only after trying the previous two steps, contact our medical secretaries (preferably via our website) who will then see what they can do.

Please, please, please do not book time with the GP to talk about hospital appointment problems unless they are regarding your medical treatment and outcomes.

Thank you for your help on this matter.